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Botanic Bodywork

Therapy you need, Relaxation you deserve.


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Why choose Botanic Bodywork?

Experienced Personalized Care

Amanda has over 10 years of anatomical knowledge and massage experience to help your body reach it's maximum level of relaxation. Clients have complimented Botanic Bodywork for attention to detail. From how the sheets are folded down to the oils that go on to your skin, everything done in session follows the motto of "therapy you need, relaxation you deserve." So whether you are in need of Bodywork or Skincare know you are getting a 5 star service from people who care.

High Quality Products

Skin is absorbent so it only makes sense that nothing but high quality food grade oils and herbs are used and chosen based off of your body's needs and your wants. Signature blends are available for purchase so if you like a certain blend be sure to tell your therapist. We will always have a list of ingredients so we can ease the worry of those who are sensitive. We care about your skin as much as the muscles under it. 

You want 60 you get 60

Full time services are not standard because is doesn't allow for booking every hour on the hour. Botanic Bodywork schedules sessions 15 minutes apart so that if you book a 60 minute session, that is how long you are receiving therapy. This means you get "extra time" you didn't know you were missing.  And some time to talk about how to maintain relaxation between massage sessions. 


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Please note every service is by appointment only. Book Now when you're ready for your massage. Also notice Package or "Series" prices available on "Book Now" tab.

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Therapy you need, Relaxation you deserve.

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Botanic Bodywork

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All services are by appointment only, 

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