Massage for the new mom

Sore and run down

This service is for you if your answer is "a full body replacement please" when someone asks if there is anything they can do to help.

When your pregnant everyone talks about how tired you'll be but no one mentions how sore your body will be. From giving birth to taking care of your little you are putting your body through the wringer. And since all babies want to do in their first 3 months of life are eat, snuggle, poop, snuggle, sleep. snuggle. There is no time to truly get the recovery you desperately need. 

Enter 4th Trimester Therapy. Where you as the overworked, over tired mom gets to relax and receive massage on your most tense muscles while snuggling with your little one so you both get what you need.

Why bring your baby?

Whether you choose to have your baby on your chest doing skin on skin, laying beside you, or just in an infant seat near you. You will feel more at ease knowing you are right there if they need anything.  

As a new mom myself I know there have been many nights holding my little one wishing someone could rub my neck, head, and feet while I nursed. I assume there are many moms out there that feel the same way so I created this service out of my own desires.

Leave feeling relaxed

Many people think holding your baby and letting you sleep is what you need but if you're like me having them hold your baby isn't what you need most. You did after all just spend 9 months with them connected to you every moment.

I feel that you holding your baby close knowing you are both safe while you relax is the most beneficial in this new phase of life and I hope you do too.