Amanda James, Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist


License # MT.0016706

Modalities: Swedish Relaxation, Deep Relaxation, Myofascial and Neuromuscular Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Prenatal, Infant Massage Instruction, Ashiatsu, TMJ Therapy, Cranial Kinesiology, DeepFeet Ashiatsu, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Burn Survivor Care, and Cannabis Massage. 


Intuition might be the first step to being a great Massage Therapist but that can only get you so far without the right education. 

I always knew I would be in the medical field I just didn't know where so I started with the basics of Medical Terminology and Advanced Anatomy and Physiology in High School. Which were the only classes I aced so I knew I was on the right path.

After taking care of my Meemaw who had Alzheimer's for a year I needed to get back in to school or I was going to go crazy. So my mom and I did some searching and found a Massage School. When I signed up it was with the expectation this is what I would do while I figured out what I really wanted to do. Little did I know I would fall in love with Massage day 1 of school.

My teacher was wonderful! Once she said "We are all victims of our own education." and it stuck with me. I already loved learning but this helped me enjoy sharing the information I absorb because the more people know about their body the better.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from ATI in Fort Worth, TX in 2008. Passed the Mblex and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. Instantly started on my continuing education as soon as I graduated and never stopped. 

Prenatal, Lymphatic, TMJ Therapy, and Aromatherapy were the first of my many modalities because they were the first available. I wanted to be able to help anyone I met. Thankfully that passion never left and I still enjoy learning new techniques, even with over 10 modalities in my tool belt.  

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I was born and raised in a town just south of Fort Worth, where most of my family still lives. As a young adult I moved to Austin and enjoyed living there and growing as a LMT.

But then a quarter life crisis happened and my boyfriend and I were sure that if we were ever to get out of Texas that was the time. We decided to go without knowing anyone or anything about Parker Colorado other than it had a 24 hr fitness my boyfriend could transfer to. 

Best decision of my life. Colorado is home. I love the weather and the people which is important for my hobbies and business. And now I am a mother to a Colorado Native so I really can call Colorado home. 

My favorite place to be is at the paintball field shooting paint with my other half, Cooper. It's strategic and great exercise, which I need because although my boyfriend is a Personal Trainer, I hate working out. 

If massage could be a hobby it would be. I love finding new studies/videos/blogs about Massage and Bodywork. But it doesn't stop there I even color anatomical images often. The body is just so cool and we still know so little.


Throughout the years I have always had at least a few days set aside for my own business, many names came and went as my practice evolved. One thing always stayed the same though, my desire to provide the most beneficial massage while keeping my client as relaxed as possible. I love sending my happy clients away massage drunk. And the key to that is to use the right techniques and products. 

I've always enjoyed how well anatomy and aromatherapy have gone together. Even if all we know about it is that Terpenes are the reason aromatherapy works but I digress.

When starting my business in Colorado I knew I wanted to marry the benefits of herbs and oils with the amazingness that is Massage Therapy. And Thus Botanic Bodywork was created.

Little did I know how Botanic my business would be just a few years later. Now not only do I still use simple organic oils I've started infusing them with CBD isolate from hemp and full cannabis extracts that include THC depending on what is legally allowed.

Everything you will find at Botanic Bodywork has been hand picked because of it's ability to help your body reach and maintain homeostasis, balance.