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Botanic Bodywork

Therapy you need, Relaxation you deserve.

Therapy you need, Relaxation you deserve.

Therapy you need, Relaxation you deserve.Therapy you need, Relaxation you deserve.

Can your feet be a gateway to healthy detox?

Here at Botanic Bodywork we think so. After research we have found that Ionic Foot Baths help people improve their immune system as well as decreases joint pain by increasing your body's natural ability to detox.

Foot detox in progress

How is this detox done?

All you have to do is sit in a comfy chair and allow your feet to soak in water that after 30 minutes turns a yucky color.

The machine does all the work for you by ionizing the water in the foot bath as well as in your body. This allows toxins to attach to the altered molecules and be flushed out via osmosis and for a few days later through your urine, sweat and feces. 


All that gross stuff came out of me?

Kind of. The machine will turn the water color even without your feet present because well some sciencey science so this gross stuff isn't floating in your body in the form it comes out. 

However the water after your session will show you your potential stagnation at the time. As such it might change every time.


Outside Sessions

During this time we are only doing ionic foot bath sessions outside. I will have you sitting in a comfy, clean chair on my back porch that looks out to a cute park so you get to breath the clean air during your 30 minute session,


Additional Safety Precautions

I will be wearing a mask the whole time to add an extra level of protection for both of us. 

Please bring your own hand sanitizer if you choose to sanitize your hands while at my location.